Dynastes hercules septentrionalis (Lachaume, 1985) - Mexico, A1, M
Family: Beetles - Scarabaeoidea - Dynastidae
Genus: Dynastes
Species: Dynastes hercules septentrionalis (Lachaume, 1985)
Locality: Mexico
Quality: A1
Sex: M
Price: 215 €
Note: male 95 mm, rare occasion to purchase a specimen from Chiapas
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Dynastes_hercules_septentrionalis_Lachaume_1985_M_95mm_side_MX w_Dynastes_hercules_septentrionalis_Lachaume_1985_M_95mm_head_MX w_Dynastes_hercules_septentrionalis_Lachaume_1985_M_95mm_MX